1. CURL: Curl your natural lashes first. This will ensure that your lashes blend in with the falsies. You can also choose to apply mascara if you wish.

2. CAREFULLY REMOVE BY THE BAND: Remove your Ikigai Lashes from the tray by pulling very gently on the band from one corner of the lashes. NEVER pull directly on the lashes themselves, as this can loosen the lash hairs and damage your beautiful lashes - which would be a tragedy! 

3. TRIM: Place your lashes on your lash line to see if they need to be trimmed to fit the length of your eye. If you do need to trim them, always trim from the outer corner of the lash.  

4. APPLY GLUE: Apply a thin layer of lash glue to the band of the lashes. Wait 30 seconds or until the glue is a little tacky.  

5. APPLY: Using lash applicators, tweezers or your fingers, gently place the lash on top of your natural lash line and press into place if needed. And you're done! 


When your day is over, it's time to properly remove your lashes so they can live to see another day of beauty.

1. CAREFULLY REMOVE BY THE BAND: If you pull from the lashes, you might dislodge the lash hairs from the band. Gently use your fingers to gently lift the inner corner of the band, to create a little lift between the band and your skin. Take the corner of the band, and gently pull the lash off your eye. 

2. REPEAT: Repeat by gently pulling by the inner corner of the lash band for the other eye. 

3. STORE: We've created beautiful storage cases for your Ikigai Lashes. Place your lashes back onto the storage tray, in the position where you originally took the lashes off.

You never want to leave your lashes lying out, outside of their storage case, because they might get wet, dirty, dusty, which will reduce their lifespan. Always make sure you store them carefully away in their case to make sure they are kept clean, dry and protected from damage.



Our lashes have been lovingly hand-made and styled using a careful heating process. To make sure you preserve their shape and structure and maximise their lifespan, it's very important to:

  • NEVER get them wet

  • NEVER put any oils or cleaning products on them

  • NEVER wash them

  • ALWAYS store them in their beautiful Ikigai Lashes storage case to protect them from harm.


If your lashes have glue build-up on them, this is OK and totally normal. It's OK to re-apply glue on top of old glue and re-use your lashes.

However, sometimes there may be excess glue build-up which you may wish to remove, e.g. every 5 - 10 wears.

To do this, very gently use tweezers or your fingers to carefully pull glue build-up off the band. When you're doing this, be very careful to NOT tug on the band itself as you can dislodge hairs from the lashes, and thus damage your beautiful falsies.   


To clean off excess mascara, gently brush your lashes with a clean, dry mascara spooly. Make sure you don't apply any water, oil or cleaning products!