Ikigai Lashes brings you the ultimate online destination for hand-crafted, 100% cruelty-free luxury lashes for petite eyes. 

Ikigai Lashes offers premium quality, ultra soft false lashes that are universally flattering for all eye shapes, including petite or hooded eye shapes.

Our lashes aim to mimic the look and feel of real mink, but are are 100% cruelty-free, and are hand-crafted from the finest-quality faux mink fibres.

As someone of South-East Asian background growing up in Australia, and with a monolid eye shape, over many years I've always looked for lashes and ways to accentuate my eye shape but never truly felt I could find anything that looked right. I struggled to find lashes at the typical beauty stores and pharmacies that I felt would suit my eye shape, and I also didn't want to wait weeks for styles to arrive from overseas, and I found it difficult to find a beauty retailer that had tried and tested lashes that were guaranteed to suit petite eyes. 

In addition to this, I knew that climate change is one of the biggest risks facing the survival of our planet and its species today, and I wanted to create a brand that was 100% cruelty-free and played its part in reducing carbon emissions as well as looked after the precious inhabitants of our planet. 

For that reason, and after conducting thorough research into the grim reality of mink farming, I knew I wanted all our products to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free. In addition, our packaging is compostable and recyclable, and our shipping is 100% carbon-neutral. Read more about our Sustainability commitments here.

For those reasons, I created this online destination that I'm incredibly passionate about, to empower fellow beauty-lovers to look and feel gorgeous and confident through lash styles that range from ultra-natural through to ultra-dramatic.

We are called Ikigai Lashes, after the Japanese concept for 'reason for being' - or rather, a combination of your life's passion, purpose and meaning. 

  Love, Kim

- Founder, Ikigai Lashes